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Whenever you prefer the machine-driven oneness of slot machines but would like to play a game that engages your intelligence, then you’ll want to attempt a video poker game. Video poker games are comparable to the Wild West game of five-card draw poker. If you play video poker, you insert your money into the machine and choose the amount of credits you want to wager. (This process follows that of a slot machine.) The video poker game machine displays your five cards from a standard fifty-two-card deck. From there, you can choose to hold or toss out any quantity of cards to improve your hand. A list of hands ordered from highest to lowest according to video poker rules is shown below: • Royal Flush: Ace, King, Queen, Jack, Ten, all of the same suit. • Straight Flush: Any five consecutive cards (e.g. 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) of the same suit. • Four of a kind: Four cards all of the same rank (e.g. 6 6 6 6 8, K K K K 9, etc.). • Full House: Three cards of the same rank with two other cards, also of the same rank (e.g. Q Q Q 8 8 or 3 3 3 7 7) • Straight: Any five consecutive cards regardless of suit. • Three of a kind: Three cards of the same rank (e.g. J J J 9 6 or 4 4 4 7 8). • Two Pair: Two cards of the same rank with two other cards, also of the same rank (e.g. 7 7 2 2 K or A A 5 5 7) • One Pair: Two cards of the same rank (e.g. 10 10 7 6 2). If you enjoy the chance to play video poker, you might note that certain video poker game machines offer different video poker rules and payout schedules. Here are a few of the variants in video poker rules you could run across: • Jacks or Better: The lowest winning card combination is a pair of Jacks. Any lower-ranking pair doesn’t count as a win. • Deuces Wild: In this video poker game, deuces (twos) are counted as “wild” cards, or any card that can better your hand. The minimal winning hand is three of a kind (including deuces). • Jokers Wild: This video poker game has a similar structure to Deuces Wild. However, the Joker now functions as the “wild” card. This particular game uses fifty-three cards (including the joker) rather than the standardized fifty-two-card deck. The minimal winning hand in this game is a pair of Kings. • Bonus/Double Bonus/Double Double Bonus: Similar to Jacks or Better, these video poker games will often pay out at a higher level on hands like four twos, four threes or four fours, with four aces offering the highest winnings possible. Online video poker provides an extraordinary opportunity to use your video poker knowledge. Once you check out one of our online casino sponsors, you will be able to play video poker online and find out which mode, variations and odds best suit your style of play. – Video Poker Strategy

Video poker strategy provides many chances for you to extend your bankroll, play for lengthier sittings, and even acquire a little advantage over the house! These video poker strategies, if followed strictly, can benefit you for many sessions to come!

Video Poker Strategy #1: Wager the maximum number of credits permitted. In a analogous way to a slot machine, video poker machines disburse a bigger jackpot when you bet the maximum credits on each play. In just about all cases, if you make a Royal Flush after wagering five credits, you’ll gain up to four thousand credits! If you only bet four credits, your profits can be as small as a thousand credits. Why cost yourself an opportunity at three thousand credits for the want of betting just one additional credit? This payout structure also returns an advantage to you over the house – up to 0.76% in some cases!

Video Poker Strategy #2: If practical, try for the Royal Flush! If you adopted Video Poker Strategy #1, you’ll recognize that you’ll be able to gain the greatest profits by wagering the maximal amount. Virtually every time, the Royal Flush proffers the best payout of any possible hand. This payout shoots up when you bet the full five credits per hand. For instance, if you have A K Q J J at a Jacks or Better machine with all of the top four cards of the same suit, you perhaps could be enticed to select the “sure thing” and hold on to the pair of Jacks. Although you possibly would be able to hold on to your minimal win, you lose a chance at the greater win with the Royal Flush.

Video Poker Strategy #3: Learn the pay tables. A table that shows the amount of credits that you will be able to earn on each hand rests at the top of each machine. Analyze this table to make certain that you have the best payout schedule available. For instance, many Jacks or Better machines extend a payout of nine credits on a Full House and six credits on a Straight per credit bet. Other machines provide eight credits for a Full House and five credits for a Straight. This is a simple but effective video poker strategy: more is better! Read through these tables and determine the fullest payout schedule for your game.

Video Poker Strategy #4: 2B or not 2B? That is the question. Numerous video poker machines give you the gamble of winning an additional wager after a hand if you choose to “double up”. If you are able to draw a card higher than the dealer’s card, you win your bet (“double up”). The important idea behind this bet is to determine how the machine addresses ties. If the machine handles a tie bet as a “push” (no win/no loss), then this bet is a fair bet with no house advantage. If the machine looks at a tie as a win for the house, then the house profit margin on this game grows to 5.8%. Since the house advantage on regular video poker is at 2% or less most of the time, this double up bet could contribute more of a gamble than you need. – Video Poker Tips

At, we have furnished a number of useful video poker tips that will assist you in maximizing both your bankroll and your playing experience:

Video Poker Tip: Play the maximum. Similar to a slot machine, a maximal wager at video poker affords you a more advantageous chance at the highest loot.

Video Poker Tip: Play for the highest-ranked hand. The stronger the hand, the higher the payoff, so play for the strongest hand you are able to receive. Why make do with a pair of Kings (pays even money) or three eights (pays 3 to 1) in Jacks or Better games? Try for the full house (pays 9 to 1) or four of a kind (25 to 1).

Video Poker Tip: Go for the strongest draws. If you lack one-card to get your Royal Flush, take the risk! Although you’ll likely miss all but a few times, all you need is one hit to take down that huge jackpot! You may only have a one-card draw to a straight or flush, but the reward is worth the gamble.

Video Poker Tip: Examine your strategies. With a process similar to those employed to formulate blackjack basic strategy, scholars in game theory and computer technology have produced basic video poker strategy graphs to help ease those tough decisions. A play that may be perfect strategy in Jacks or Better may lose you wagers in Double Bonus or Deuces Wild, so discover more regarding your preferred game prior to your play.

Video Poker Tip: Read the pay off tables. Try to be certain that you are receiving as much value as you are able to for your play. Don’t deny yourself possible profits attributable to restlessness, ignorance or obstinacy.

Video Poker Tip: Pick out a video poker machine that’s satisfactory for you. If you enjoy playing Jacks or Better with a Double Bonus, observe those machines and turn down the Deuces Wild and Joker’s Wild variations. If you favor the play of a wild card game, give it a try for an hour or two. A lot of machines also proffer “multi-play” where you’ll be able to play up to one hundred hands per game – more opportunities to bring home the bacon!

Video Poker Tip: Utilize your casino club card. Casino club cards aren’t only for slot players. While you play video poker, you’ll also be able to use your casino club card to earn reward points. Many times, your rewards (including meals, alcohol, rooms and cash) can amount to plenty of value to compensate for any losses (if you play consummate strategy) and nonetheless turn a profit!

Video Poker Tip: Keep working on your game. You can exercise your video poker strategies at some of our online casino sponsors. While you play video poker online, you’ll also be able to apply your strategy tables and advanced knowledge of video poker game styles to improve on your game, get at ease with the manner of machine you’d enjoy playing, and discover more about it from the familiar surroundings of your home computer or laptop! Remember, don’t play past your bankroll, don’t gamble with cash you can not afford to miss, play intelligently and have a good time!