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Slot machines are the lifeblood of any casino and the favorite game for millions of players. With no need for complex thinking or deep mathematical analyses, slot machines are also the easiest and least stressful games to play in any casino, be it live or online. Most modern machines don’t even require the player to pull down on a lever; the simple press of a button sends the reels spinning and your heart racing with anticipation. At, we’re here to offer you the basic slot machine rules to make your playing experience more enjoyable.

HOW TO WIN AT SLOTS: A player wins a slot machine bet when they set the machine’s reels in motion (either by the pull of a lever or the press of a button). When each reel stops, it stops on either a symbol (bars, fruit, 7s, etc.) or a space between the symbols. If three matching symbols stop on the centerline of the window (called the “payline”), then the player gets a payout determined by the pay table displayed on the machine. In rare cases, these matching symbols can pay out a large cash prize called a “jackpot”.

HOW SLOTS WORK: In the early days of slot machines, a player pulls a lever that started the reels spinning. The reels would stop with a symbol or a “blank” (a space between the symbols) along the payline. The same process applies to modern slot machines, but now microchips and software control the action instead of levers and gears. This new “spin” on how slot machines operate makes it safer, more adjustable and often more fun than their mechanical ancestors.

HOW TO PLAY SLOT MACHINES: Once a slot machine accepts a player’s initial deposit, it computes and displays the number of “credits” available. This number indicates how many games can be played with one credit. For example, if you deposit $20 in a 25c slot machine, the machine will show 80 credits ($ 20.00 / $ 0.25 = 80). You can choose between playing one credit at a time or multiple credits at once. If a slot machine is offering huge jackpots, especially the large progressive jackpots, you should follow the recommended slot machine rules and bet the maximum credits allowed.

PROGRESSIVE JACKPOTS: The differences between the regular slot machine rules and progressive slot machine rules are subtle, but important. A regular slot machine will typically give several smaller payouts in the course of a game session. A progressive slot machine takes a piece of each bet and places it in the progressive jackpot. Progressive slots do not usually give frequent smaller payments and only offer only the big jackpots to players who wager the maximum number of credits each time.

ONLINE SLOTS: Our online casinos sponsors can provide all kinds of players a great online slot machine experience. Online slot machines also do a fantastic job of simulating the random nature of outcomes and the frequency of payouts. Online slot machines are always fun pastime and can give players a taste of what to expect in a true-life casino setting. – Slot Machine Strategies

Although the game play of slot machines may not require much in the way of brain strain, most slot machine strategy involves choosing the right machine before you start your session. At first, one slot machine may appear to be much like any another, but the guide for slot machine strategies can help you find the loosest slots and steer you away from the tight ones.

Slot Machine Strategy #1: Look for machines in visible areas. The majority of casinos will place their best slot machines in high-visibility areas, such as the front door, instead of in stuck in a deep bank. Casinos almost never hide their loose machines in hard-to-find locations. Actually, they really want other players to see you win, thus encouraging them to sit down and join the party!

Slot Machine Strategy #2: Watch out for “bait” machines. Some players may find a player at a hot machine and sit down to play another one in the same bank. “If his machine is hot,” their thought process directs them, “then mine should be hot, too.” This is a classic trap that casinos use to attract players to cold machines. You’re better off waiting for Mr. Hot Streak to get up and use his machine!

Slot Machine #3: If you find a hot machine, stay with it. After all, why stray from what’s working? Don’t get the feeling that you’re suddenly ‘lucky’ and try other machines in the same bank to ‘test things out’. If you stick with your hot machine, let it keep making money for you instead of letting someone take it out from under you.

Slot Machine Strategy #4: Don’t split your effort. Some players move from one machine to another. They play multiple machines at the same time just to find that single loose slot machine. In their search, they drain the bankrolls faster and increase their frustration. If one machine doesn’t work, try another machine at another bank in another casino.

Slot Machine Strategy #5: Look for the winners. Another way to find a machine to that pays off frequently is to observe other players. Let them do the hard work! If they laugh and high-five each other, take note of this machine and try again later. If they seem like they’re down and depressed, keep moving and find another machine.

Slot Machine Strategy #6: Bet the maximum every time. Among the most crucial slot machine strategies to recall is to play for the maximal amount of credits whenever you have the bankroll for it, particularly if you want that large progressive jackpot. In one specific case, a man played a Megabucks slot machine and hit the jackpot of almost eight million dollars – or so he believed. Before he made his winning spin, he only banked two credits instead of the three needed to win the Megabucks. While he still brought home ten thousand dollars for his try, his failure to play one more credit cost him millions! – Slot Machine Tips

The Guide to Slot Machine Tips can aid in chasing away some current myths and misconceptions about how slot machines work and how you can make the best of these inaccurate ideas.

Slot Machine Myth: “I don’t like slots. Those machines have the highest odds and worst payouts of any casino game.”

Slot Machine Tip: You’ll frequently hear something comparable the preceding remarks from enthusiastic keno players, football parlay wagerers or blackjack players who always pay off “insurance” bets. Slot machines carry better odds and payout percentages than those and a lot of other casino bets.

Slot Machine Myth: “There’s no more difference between slot machines in the big high-rise casinos and those in the gas station or grocery store.” Slot Machine Tip: Casino slot machines are the bread-and-butter of a business that rakes in billions of dollars a year. Gas station and grocery store machines are simply something to kill time while you’re doing something else. Which of these places would have visitors more involved in seeing you take down a huge jackpot?

Slot Machine Myth: “If you press the button or pull the lever in just the correct way, you’ll be able to get a jackpot every single time.” Slot Machine Tip: In the bygone days of the mechanistic slots, this might have been accurate. Numerous players had employed tricks or cheating gimmicks to squeeze payouts from these machines. But, in this technological age, no measure of timing, process or chicanery can coerce a machine to spit out a jackpot.

Slot Machine Myth: “This machine just paid out a jackpot. It won’t pay out again for a long time.” or “This machine hasn’t paid a big jackpot since it was installed here. It has to hit any time now”.

Slot Machine Tip: For each pull on a slot machine, the machine chooses a brand-new random number that regulates the result of each reel. The slot machine has no way of recalling when it has previously disbursed a jackpot – whether that was an hour, a week or a year ago.

Slot Machine Myth: “Whenever you bet with higher denomination machines, they’ll give up payouts more frequently.”

Slot Machine Tip: Though some machines at the $1 and $5 levels are moderately easier with their payouts than lower-level machines, the deviation isn’t substantial enough to make an noticeable difference in profits.

Slot Machine Myth: “The slot room directors, slot tenders and change people can recognize where all the loose slots are placed, but they’re keeping it a secret. They just would like to keep miserable chumps playing without any hope of getting ahead while they keep the good machines to themselves!”

Slot Machine Tip: If the employees knew where the best machines were located, wouldn’t they (or someone they trust) keep playing those machines and keep making money? Though slot bank employees can say which machines have paid out jackpots of late (since it is their line of work to pay them out), they have no clue as to which machines are loose or “due” for a jackpot.

Slot Machine Myth: “Whenever I insert my slot club card, I can never win the big payday.”

Slot Machine Tip: Once you put your slot club card into the machine, the information processing system registers your data and your aggregate comp points up to now. Your card does not alter your likelihood or the outcomes of any reels.